This is the accumulated statistics from our feedback sheets;
How important would you say it is for all working farriers to attend this clinic? 99,4%
How important would you say it is for all veterinarians working with horses to attend this clinic? 98,9%
How important would you say it is for all horse owners to attend this clinic? 98,5%
To what extend would say this clinic is completely unique? 93,5%
How valuable would you say it is that this knowledge is offered on the North American
continent even in the future?

This is what the attendees say about our seminars;
This is knowledge I have longed for for years. I'm so happy to be in the company of this man Ove Lind and to have had the opportunity to learn from him.
I came for the second time and still found many things that now are clearer to me, or that I had forgotten.
This information is extremely valuable and interesting to the discerning horse owners and equine industry.
Ove Lind brings unique understanding and explanations for ALL horse owners, farriers and veterinarians.
Ove Lind's seminars are definitely unique and should be provided to all horse owners, farriers and blacksmiths. He provides invaluable information regarding hoof care.
This method supplied by Ove Lind is unique and provides me hope for my horses. Not only is it just hoof care but overall health. It all makes sense when explained and the literature and videos he supplies are outstanding evidence he has the knowledge and experience to prove absolutely everything he says. My horses are proof that this clinic works and is very effective.
Although there are others teaching similar information, Ove is the only one drawing the strong link to nutrition and feeding.
I am a professional hoof trimmer and Ove Lind is a great colleague to learn unique cutting edge theories from.
Ove Lind has the ability, knowledge and desire to teach the general public about the importance of proper hoof care and the basic functions of the horse's hoof. There is nothing more important for health and welfare of our horses. He explains the issues in a manner that can be easily understood.
Ove Lind is a gifted instructor. The American public will learn a lot from his teaching, making the world so much better for the equine industry.
These are unusual but important guidelines for anyone wanting to understand hooves and hoof care. Ove dispels centuries of wrong information.
Ove brings information on healthy horses/feet in a different format than I have sen presented in the past.
Seminar was fantastic! I have spent countless hours at veterinary conferences and holistic veterinary conferences with my husband. This was superior to any I have attended. Thank you!
In my limited experience Ove Lind is presenting information that is unique and of great value and will help many horses to be free from pain.
I was concerned about language and technicalness and neither of them were issues at all. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!
I feel this is an excellent delivery of material and information. This is the most professional and complete "hoof" seminar I have been to (I have been attending horse seminars since 1980's).
I have been trimming my own mules for 6 months after attending a 8 day seminar in Oregon. This seminar was more influencing on how to correctly trim to the individual animal than the other clinic. I know now what to do to correctly trim my animals and now feel knowledgeable enough to trim other peoples equines.
I want my trimmer and Vet to attend this class.
With almost 60 years around horses and the equestrian lifestyle I can honestly say that Mr. Lind answers many essential questions that are never asked nor answered. I find that so called farriers and veterinarians know so little about hoof care and horse keeping to help us better care for these gorgeous creatures.
I feel very privileged to be able to attend this seminar - very informative and helpful. I'm encouraged to be able to put my horses on the right track for better health.
Ove Lind is the first and only person of my knowledge to present information regarding the "How and Why" of Horse Hoof and Health Care. His data is irrefutable by showing in slides why the information is accurate. He presents the information and data in such a way to encourage horse owners to seek the truth in the future. Ove Lind's research has taken years to create. No other person has complied and offered this level of information to those willing to receive it.
I have learned so much even after the 2nd time attending the seminar. The health of my horse's feet is 100 times better than they were before. Every horse owner should attend this clinic.
Ove has a way of explaining things in a simplistic manner that is easy understandable to lay people.
This work is VITAL to anyone who has even one once of care for a horse. Vital this work needs to be spread.
Ove Lind offers a unique and comprehensive course invaluable to horse owners, veterinarian and farriers.
Very like the advent of equine dentistry, this information is essential to the health and comfort of the world's horses.
This info is complex and can not be taught except in person with this unique knowledge and skill.
This information needs to be heard by all horse owners so that they can learn proper hoof care and feeding practices.
There is a HUGE need for this method of animal husbandry to be shared. This information will greatly improve the usability and longetivity of our valuable animals. This new information in equine podiatry is cutting edge and necessary to share with equine practitioners in the US.
No-one else in my experience has explained this information, which will allow horse owners & care givers to produce completely sound horses by a holistic approach to the horse's nutrition, environment & hoof care.
The information I learned was necessary for my education to take care of my equine friends.
Ove Lind provided a very valuable service to the horse industry by providing knowledge & teaching which is advanced beyond what is widely available in the US.
Farriers and Vets need the knowledge of these clinics to make it more common.
The information is so important for the welfare of horse's health, mind & body; it is only beneficial and greatly needed.
Ove Lind has knowledge of horse care that is very much desired and needed in America.
This unique and eye-opening information is essential for every single person involved with horses (Vets, farriers, owners) to know in order to greatly improve the health & life of the horse.
I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn from Ove Lind. I hope to attend other clinics in the future. This was an eye opening experience. Thank You.
Horse owners need this information.
Ove has an incredible ability to explain concepts about his research and to teach others how to follow his methods to get similar results. His research has been proven by his clients who have gone to him as a last resort. This work could benefit SO many horse owners in USA.
Ove has extensive knowledge and done research that is BADLY needed here in the USA.
Ove Lind is offering revolutionary information to further the natural hoof care movement that no one else is offering.
Ove Lind has a very excellent message to share with anyone! It should be heard by everyone! The feeding information ALONE is very valuable.
Mr. Lind provides a profound knowledge of equine husbandry and podiatry. He is able to provide information to horse owners that gravely improves the quality of life for both horse and owner. This information is cutting edge and sparsely available in this country.
This was an amazing life changing weekend for me.
Ove does a great job teaching valuable information to horse owners and professionals.
Every detail was explained to my satisfaction. I wish more could see this. Promotion needs to be expanded on.
I think they did an excellent job. It is the best hoof care clinic I have attended.
Very valuable information to educate horse professionals & owners. Will definitely improve quality of life for many horses & solve lameness mysteries.
Mr. Lind has extremely important information to share with everyone involved with horses.
This is the first time I have heard someone talking about the physics of the hoof & how that explains how to care for it. This knowledge would have saved many horses that have been needlessly put down for "founder".
I have been to a number of clinics and there is information in Ove Lind's clinic which is new. All horse owners, farriers, vets and trimmers should attend.
This was an incredibly educational & enlightening seminar. I have not found this info anywhere else together as a package.
He shows us what a lot of professional (A LOT) are negligent to the horses needs.
This clinic offered extremely valuable info that is vital for Ontario's Equestrian industry to maintain healthy horses and prevent unnecessary lameness and sickness. I believe everyone in the horse industry should attend this clinic
We desperately need to know this info!
A highly needed educational clinic to create awareness for maintaining healthy and sound happy horses.
This seems to be the only place where this information is available and all horse owners and equine professionals should have this information.
What they offer is 100% unique to Canada-perhaps North America for proper care of our equine friends. I have 35 years in "horses" and never before has anyone provided such results oriented solutions.
Mr. Lind Provides and promotes a unique "scientifically fully substantiated" method of trimming and treating horses feet which is and would be of great benefit to the equine community.
The unique and important information given at this clinic must be shared with the equine community. His methods will revolutionize the horse industry.
The concept and information presented is unique. Our equine industry needs to have the benefit of this information.
As a devoted horse owner I learned a truly unique process in the rehabilitation of my horse from different standpoints, including nutrition and corrective actions.

Ove is a wonderfully passionate speaker with a unique approach to horse hoof care and management. The information presented should be required study by horse owners, trainers, vets and farriers.