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Are there any sound Mustangs left?

Free roaming Nevada Mustangs have been found remarkably tender footed due to seriously thrush infected hooves.

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Hoof Cracks.
No horse is born with hoof cracks even though many owners of adult horses with hoof cracks say that is so. Since hoof cracks is caused by an imbalanced hoof nothing gets better by putting an imbalanced hoof on a metal shoe or trying force the crack together by use of any metal devices. Get rid of the imbalance and the crack grow away by it self.
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Tradition and prestige is the horse's worst enemy.
There is hundreds of hoof care specialist in the world that doesn't have any problem rehabilitating coffin bone related problems and thousands of traditional farriers that still have enormous problem with the same. The difference is that they believe in different models of explanation for how hooves work. Tradition and prestige is the only thing that is in the way for everybody to treat "Coffin bone rotation" as something simple and easy. This article will try to explain how easy it can be.
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Hoof protection.
All horses should have the hoof protection they need. The problem is that the need of hoof protection is very different while the horse is grazing and when on a rocky trail ride. Forcing the hooves into hoof protection they don't need can be just as bad for the hooves as not giving them the protection they need.
The hooves adapts to its living condition and a horse living on gravel roads will never have problems when riding on gravel roads and a horse living on green pastures will get hooves that are good for grazing. We need to accept that what is best for the horse might not always be what is easiest for us.
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Feed your horse to more comfortable gaits.
The difference between an uncomfortable and a comfortable gait might very well be how the hoof hits the ground. A flat or toe first landing caused by a sore frog infected by thrush will create a bumpy ride while a heel first landing will give a smooth round gait. To get rid of thrush permanently you must reduce the blood sugar levels caused by faulty feeding. This article will give you the complete picture of thrush fighting.
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Flared and Asymmetrical hooves.
Flares and asymmetries are just symptoms and should not attract any special attention. The cause of most flares and asymmetries are the bars. Overloaded bars can cause a number of different problems of which flares, asymmetries and "Navicular syndrome" are the most common. This article will show you the connection between tilted bars and asymmetric hooves. It will also show you what to do to the bars to get the asymmetries to grow away and never come back.
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Hanging coffin bone?
Believing the coffin bone is hanging from the hoof wall is creating many more problems than it is solving. This article will start telling you why it is physically impossible for the coffin bone to hang from the hoof wall. Not believing the coffin bone is hanging from the hoof wall suddenly opens up possibilities to solve most coffin bone related problems like coffin bone rotation and distal descent. Real life experience shows us that it works.
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Make a difference.
We must all do what is possible to get out of the destructive tradition that has the international horse industry in such a firm grip. There are well known, thoroughly tested solutions to many traditional hoof conditions but a large part of the traditional hoof care industry will not try new methods or even listen to the reasoning. I believe the pressure must come from the one that is paying and that is always the customer. If you are a horse owner and your horse gets any of the traditional hoof conditions you must demand that your hoof care supplier is well aware of the results reached with the use of different models of explanation.
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Natural Hoof Shape.
We don't have the right to even have wishes about what our horse's hooves should look like. The shape of the coffin bone is the only thing that determines the shape and size of the hoof capsule. Since coffin bones are as individual as the trees in the forest there are no measurements and no angles you can compare from one hoof to the other.
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Risk with old fashion trimming.
There are a lot of talk about toes that are too long and that is good but there are good ways of keeping the toe short and there are really bad ways of trying to keep the toes short. Done the wrong way it can mean a catastrophe to the horse much very much harder to rehabilitate than "Coffin bone rotation" and "Distal descent".
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There are visible signs of pain so common that many horse owners think they are perfectly okay. They even take pictures showing that their horse is in pain and use them for advertising the horse for sale or breeding. The logic is trivial to understand and the problem is so easy to avoid. Shortage of knowledge is the only real problem.
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The coffin bone has fooled humanity for too long.
The problem is that most books about horses have pictures of hooves cut in the middle. When the reader compares that picture with an x-ray picture it is easy to be confused. This misunderstanding has been the reason to why lots and lots of horses have been put down prematurely. This article will show you what things really look like and explain how it works.
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Distal Descent in a new light.
Traditionally Distal Descent has been measured as a change in height between the coronary band and the top of the coffin bone. By instead checking the difference in height between the coffin bone and the soles connection to the hoof wall the reason to Distal Descent and even the cure for it becomes much more obvious.
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Treating Thrush 2.
Thrush is something at least 90% of all domestic horses suffer from. It makes the hoof sore, the gaits bumpy and in the long run it will make the heels higher and the hoof contracted with poor horn quality, poor growth and poor resistance to disease and wounds. This article will tell you all the parts needed to defeat the thrush.
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Deformed by Tradition.
If you have a shoed horse parts of this will happen. There is nothing you can do about it (exept pulling the shoes). If you have a barefoot horse it depends on the trimming.
The main focus of this article will however only happen to shoed horses and it is up to you to make sure it does not happen to your's.
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Ground Parallel Coffin Bones.
Dr. Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD. 
Why Farriers and Barefooters don't agree about the angle of the coffin bone.
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Laminitis rehabilitation. (April 09)

Debra R. Taylor, DVM, MS, DACVIM; Alex J. Sperandeo; Rhodes P. Bell,; Thomas

Passler, DVM, MS, DACVIM; K. Ivy Ramey, AHA and J. Pete Ramey, AHA.

Bar trimming.

This is primarily for thos who have attended a seminar and still wants more details.
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Laminitis in disguise.
This horse was sentenced to death by the veterinarian because he thought the coffin bone was coming out through the sole but that was far from the real problem. The facts were that the lamina was stronger than the sole so the sole broke before the lamina did.
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The Hoof Care Reference.

Information about different hoof conditions.

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