Video Clips

Hoof Mechanism.       
Hoof mechanism is more depending on frog pressure than any thing else.
A little frog pressure is hardly better than none at all. Be amazed about the enormous improvements real good frog pressure makes.
If you have seen the traditional picture of hoof mechanism, then you have seen what it looks like when it doesn't work.


Peripheral Loading I.
When a horse is shod or has long hoof walls that are sticking out compared to the level of the hard sole the hoof is peripherally loaded. This means that only the hoof wall is carrying all the weight.
You may draw any conclusions from this video. To me it was what initiated my volume study on distal descent which will be presented in a near future. (The result will probably shock the horse industry.)


Barefoot Peripheral loading.
It is just as easy to destroy a hoof barefoot as it is with shoes.
It is all in the shape of the hoof.

It doesn't have to break.
A sound hoof with a good hoof shape can withstand an enormous strain without breaking. This video will show you why.

Natural grazing from a haynet.

Giving our horses servings of hay might very well be the reason 60% of all domestic horses suffer from stomach ulcers and 90% suffer from some kind of digestive issue. When they eat they eat to fast or at least without chewing the hay enough and between feeding times they starve with gull, acid and digestive fluids are produced right out into an otherwise empty digestion system. Horses are made to be eating almost continuously but doing that from traditional free choice or even loose hay spread in the pasture might cause other problems like obesity, sand colic or lots of wasted hay. A decade of research on how to feed horses has lead me to this simple and cost effective solution.

Peripheral loading II
Peripheral loading comes with an enormous risk that no one should take. The coffin bone is not made for being peripherally loaded.



Here are some great Video Clips from our friends Jantine en Arno
at in the Netherlands.

Perfect Barefoot 1
Enjoy this perfect heel first landing.


Barefoot 2


Barefoot 3


Natural feeding.


Touchdown, barefoot hoof.
Compare the shock waves with the shod hoof to the right.
(You can start both at the same time)


Touchdown, shod hoof
Compare the shock waves with the barefoot hoof to the left.
(You can start both at the same time)